Islamic Calendar 2019 | Hijri Calendar 1440

Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. This calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar. This calendar also consists of 12 months but this calendar has less number of days as compare to Gregorian calendar. This Islamic calendar has 354/355 days in a year. Along with another calendar this calendar is also used by Islamic people. For this purpose I am here stating you the Islamic calendar of 2019. So, that it will become easy for you to take a look at Islamic calendar 2019 and you can download this Islamic calendar of 2019 as well.

Islamic Calendar 2019

Here in this article I am going to state Islamic calendar of different countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, India and the Islamic holiday calendar of 2019 as well. So, that you do not need to search a lot of websites you will get all the information here. Hope you all get desired information from this article.

Hijri Calendar 1440

 Islamic calendar 2019 UAE, HIJZI CALENDAR

Islamic calendar is also known as Hijri calendar. Islamic calendar 2019 is written as Hijri calendar 1440. Name of the months is the Hijri calendar also varies from the Name of Gregorian calendar. Hijri dates and Christian era dates are also different in both the calendars. Hijri calendar is an Islamic lunar calendar, whose count begins in 662 AD. In this year Prophet Mohammad along with his followers migrated to Yathrib now Medina from Mecca.

When Mohammad migrated from Mecca it is known as Hijra that was in 16 July of Julian calendar and is considered as 1 AH where AH stands for Anno Hegirae. So, in the year 2019 there is 1440 AH of Hijri calendar.  After July here in Hijri calendar begins 1441 AH. So, if you are seeking to find Hijri calendar of 2019 then I will provide you the calendar in the below, you can have a look at this:

Islamic Calendar 2019 Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arabia along with Normal Gregorian Calendar 2019 the people may also want to check days of Islamic calendar as well because they worship on the basis of Islamic calendars days and celebrates their functions and days according to Islamic calendar.  Their main concern is towards Islamic calendar as compare to other calendars. So, for them (the people of Saudi Arabia) I am listing here the Islamic calendar of 2019. You can download this calendar as well if you want to or save it also.


Islamic calendar 2019 UAE

 Islamic calendar 2019 UAE

In UAE (United Arab Emirates) also belong to Islamic community so, they also possess the same Islamic calendar. UAE people main concern is towards Islamic calendar as compare to Julian calendar. If the people of UAE are searching for Islamic calendar then here, in this section I’m providing them the Islamic calendar of 2019 UAE as well. You can use this calendar to have a look at the days and dates of 2019.


Islamic calendar 2019 India


As we all know that India is a democratic country. In India there are variety of customs, castes and religions. And there is large range of Islamic people as well. So, along with normal calendar they also require Islamic calendar as well. So, for them here in this article I am providing you the Islamic calendar of 2019 India. So, that people of India who belongs to Islamic community can use this calendar and check these days along with other Julian calendars. In India as a secular country all religion get equal importance and they celebrate all the Hindu as well as Muslim functions equally. There are government holidays for both the religious celebrations so that both community people can enjoy their days. So for this purpose people of India also require Islamic calendar as well along with Julian calendar. And some people have habit to check dates and days of the coming years also. So, this Islamic calendar can help that king of people as well. They can check next year days and dates from this Islamic calendar 2019.

Ramadan Calendar 2019


Ninth month of the Islamic calendar is Ramadan. It is very important and precious month for the Muslims. Muslims observes fast in this whole month. There are five pillars of Islam and fasting during Ramadan is considered as one of them. They worship five times a day in this month regularly. They can eat only when they wake up as a first meal after that whole day they can’t even drink water in this Ramadan period. People worship, chant prayers, Quran recitation in this Ramadan month. This month helps to engage people in the holy worship and to make them more devotional. So, all the Islamic people eagerly wait for this holy month. Here, in this section I will also provide you Ramadan calendar of 2019.

Urdu Calendar 2019

 Urdu Calendar 2019

Most of the times people want their Islamic calendar to be in Urdu not in English so that the people who can’t understand English they can check there days from Urdu calendar. So, in this case if you want to have an Urdu calendar of 2019 then here, in this section I will provide you the Urdu calendar as well. For getting Urdu calendar of 2019 you do not need to wait for long time or arrival of 2019. You can get Urdu calendars online also. There will be large range of Urdu calendars as well. You can easily save or download Urdu calendar from here. And the good thing is this, these calendars are free of cost they do not cut any money from your pocket. So, you can get Urdu calendar of 2019 online from here as well.

Arabic Calendar 2019

 Arabic Calendar 2019

Most of the Islamic calendars are available in Arabic language. So, if you are looking for getting an Arabic calendar of 2019 then do not worry. I will here only for you people. I possess all the required information you want and I will deliver here for you visitors so that you do not get troubled for getting any type of calendar. Hijri calendar are considered as Arabic calendars. As the main language of Islam is Arabic. In general the Islamic years begins from the month of July according to the Gregorian calendar month. In this section I am going to list Arabic calendar of 2019 you can download this calendar form here as well.

Muslim Calendar 2019


Most of Muslims want to use Muslim calendar for their easy convenience. They do not find it comfortable to use other calendars so, for that kind of visitors who want to use Muslim calendar only and are looking for Muslim calendar of 2019 here in this section I will provide them this Muslim calendar. Well, Muslim calendar is nothing it is same as Hijri calendar or Islamic calendar as Muslims use Islamic calendar so, the calendar for which Muslim’s search is usually an Islamic calendar. Muslim worships in Arabic language. So, if you are searching for Muslim calendar hat means you are simply searching for Islamic calendar.


Muslim Holidays 2019


Whether we belong to any category, we all people wait for holidays and we all want to have a look of our upcoming holidays as well. I know most of the visitors are looking for upcoming holidays of the year 2019. Well, I will also list the holidays of 2019 for sure. Muslims holidays mostly are on Eid-ul- fitur, Eid-ul-Adha, Muharram considered as New Year of Islam etc. These are some important holidays which come in the Islamic calendar. Muslims celebrates these days very enthusiastically. These are official holidays worldwide as well in the democratic countries.


Id-ul- Fitr 2019


Id-ul-Fitri or Eid-ul- fitur comes in the end of Ramadan month. The last day of Ramadan is celebrated as Eid-ul- fitur. Ramadan comes in the ninth month every year. Muslim people fast for the whole month and they break there fast on this Eid-ul- fitur day. They celebrate this day and hug each other to show their love and affections for other peoples. People celebrate successful completion of fast in holy month Ramadan. People eat sweets on this day and this Eid is also considered as Id of happiness. So, those people you are waiting for this Eid-ul- fitur arrival date in the 2019 then for them in  I would like to inform that in 2019 it will comes on 4th of June and will end on 5th June Evening.


Id-ul -Adha 2019


Id-ul-Adha is other highly celebrated day of Muslims. This two Eid is world widely celebrated by Muslims. On the day of Id-ul-Adha people scarifies feast because if this reason Id-ul-Adha is also known as Sacrifice Feast day. As there is old ritual story that Ibrahim get ready to sacrifice his son to show his obedience towards GOD. But then God provided him a male Goat to sacrifice. That’s why this day is also famous as Bakr-Eid.  So, people celebrate this day by sacrificing feast of animal on this day. Most the visitors have curiosity of knowing dates of Eid in the year of 2019. Here I will provide you the date. In the year 2019 this day will come on 11th of August.


Islamic Holidays 2019


Islamic holidays are same as Muslim holidays. As all the Muslims follows the Islamic religion. So, in the Islam calendar there are two famous holidays which I discussed above is Id-ul –Adha and Id-ul- Fitri. And these holidays are world widely celebrated by all the Islamic peoples to show their devotions towards the God.

So, this is all about the Islamic calendar 2019 along with holidays and both Eid days importance and dates you all people are looking for. Hope you all get important information you are looking for from this article. You can give your reviews on this article by simply giving feedback on the comment section below. As your reviews matters a lot to us.


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