Prayer Time in San Diego | Namaz Time [CA, USA]

Muslim Prayer Time In San Diego

Muslims around the world offers namaz five times a day. It is obligatory for all the believers of Islam to observe five times namaz a day. It is also one of five pillars of Islam. It brings Muslim close to their God, Almighty Allah. It helps them to keep away from doing sins and walk on the right path.

Muslim Prayer Time In San Diego Muslim Prayer Time In San Diego

Namaz Time In San Diego

If you are looking for the Namaz time in San Diego you are at the right place because of the Islamic calendar 2019 is the best place to find the accurate namaz timings. We provide you with the best and accurate Namaz timings for your city and country. You can visit this website anytime you want and get the namaz timetable.

Jummah Prayer Time in Houston

Fajr Time in San Diego

The five times prayers are;

  • Fajr- Observed before sunrise
  • Zuhr- Observed at noon.
  • Asar- Observed at the time of a day when the length of an object becomes equal to the shadow of that object.
  • Maghrib- Observed at the time when the sun starts to set and there is little redness left in the sky.
  • Isha- Observed after the complete sunset.

We are going to provide you the timings for all the five times prayers.

Namaz Time In San Diego Namaz Time In San Diego

Salat Times San Diego

If you live in San Diego and looking for the namaz timings for your city then you can get it from Islamic calendar 2019 info as we provide the accurate timings for Namaz that are also checked and verified.

Salat Times San Diego Salat Times San Diego

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