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Salat or Namaz is one of five pillars of Islam, the other four pillars of Islam are “Roza” (Fast), “Zakat”(charity), “Hajj” (holy pilgrimage to Mecca), “Shahada”(believing in the oneness of God). It is the religious obligation for every Muslim to pray and offer Namaz without giving any excuse.

Salat Times San Francisco

There are proper ways and posture to observe the Islamic prayer. The ones who are not well or not physically able can observe their prayers according to their convenience but they cannot leave their prayer under any circumstances. Men are supposed to go to the Mosque for offering their namaz while women stay at home and observe their obligatory prayer. Today in this article we are providing the Islamic Prayer Times San Francisco.

Salat Times San Francisco Salat Times San Francisco

Namaz Times San Francisco

Muslims offers Namaz five times a day and these five times prayers have their own names;

  • Fajr– It is the first prayer of the day and is offered before sunrise
  • Zuhr– It is the second prayer of the day and it is offered at noon.
  • Asar– It is the third prayer of the day and it is offered in the evening.
  • Maghrib – It is the fourth prayer of the day which is offered after sunset when the little amount of redness is left in the sky.
  • Isha – It is the fifth and the last prayer of the day that is observed after the complete sunset.

These prayers are of immense benefits and it makes the person close to the Allah and guides the believers to do the right things.

Namaz Times San Francisco Namaz Times San Francisco

Prayer Times San Francisco CA

If you live in San Francisco and looking for the namaz timetable for your city then you are at right place as we are going to provide you the namaz timings of all the five prayers.

Prayer Times San Francisco CA Prayer Times San Francisco CA

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