Download Arabic Calendar 2019 Printable (1440)

Islamic calendar is also known as Arabic calendar. Islamic or Arabic calendar is different from English calendar. Although the number of months is same but the calendars are entirely different. English calendar have 365 days, twelve month and have 30 or 31 days except the month of February, it has 28 days.

The dates in this calendar depend upon the revolution of earth around the sun and earth takes one year to complete its revolution around the sun. This is also called solar year. Whereas In Islamic calendar months have 29 or 30 days depending upon the sighting of the sun. The dates in Islamic calendar depend upon the revolution of moon around the earth. The year of Islamic calendar is also called Lunar year.

Download English Arabic Calendar 2019

If you want Islamic calendar but you don’t know the Arabic language so, don’t worry, you are at right place. We will provide you the Islamic calendar in English. You can click and download it from below-

Download English Arabic Calendar 2019

Arabic Calendar 2019 India

In India finding an Islamic calendar would be difficult. So if you are an Indian looking for Islamic calendar, you can get it here. You just have to download it.

Arabic Calendar 2018 Saudi Arabia

People in Saudi Arabia with Normal Gregorian Calendar 2019 also check Islamic calendar days as well because their prayer are based on dates and time of Islamic calendars and also celebrates their festivals according to Islamic calendar. They give more importance to Islamic calendar as compare to other calendars. So, for the people of Saudi Arabia here is the list Islamic calendar of 2019. You can download the calendar from below-

Arabic calendar 2018 Saudi Arabia

 Arabic Calendar Today

In some Islamic calendars it is very difficult to identify same day date. But the calendar below will gives you the correct information of the today date and will highlight it. It is very easy and simple to locate today date in this calendar. So you just have to click once and download the calendar from below-


Arabic Calendar 1440

As Islamic new year is around the corner so you must be looking for the Islamic calendar for the year 1440. You don’t have to go and search anywhere as you are at the right place. Here is the calendar for the year 1440, you can click and download it.

Arabic Calendar 1440

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