Islamic Monthly 2019 Calendar [Hijri 1440] & Months Name

Similar to the English Calendar, Islamic  Calendar also have twelve months and each month have its own importance.

Islamic Months Name

Islamic Months Name

  1. Moharram
  2. Safar
  3. Rabi Ul Awwal
  4. Rabi- Ul- Sahni
  5. Jamad-Ul-Awwal
  6. Jamad-Ul- Sahni
  7. Rajab
  8. Shaban
  9. Ramazan
  10. Shawwal
  11. Zikad
  12. Zilhij

Islamic 2019 Calendar Months

  • Moharram – Moharram is the first month of Islamic calendar. The actual meaning of the word Moharram is “Forbidden”. During this holy month Muslim avoid fighting with each other. Shia Muslim mourns and honors the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, Son of Hazrat Ali, and grandson of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH). The Mourning starts from the first day of Moharram and continue till the tenth Day (Ashura). Whereas the Sunni muslims see this as a happy month and and keep fast on the tenth day of Moharram.
  • Safar – The second month of Islamic calendar is Safar. Safar means empty in Arabics. After the holy month of Moharram, Arabs empty their house and return back to fighting. During this month, Khadijah, the beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) got married to Hazrat Ali. Also the battle of Abwaa and the battle of Khaibar took place in this month.
  • Rabi-Ul-Awwal – This is the third month of Islamic calendar and the first month of spring. Muslim consider this month a very important one as Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) was born in this month.
  • Rabi-Ul-Sahni– This fourth month of Islamic Calendar is also the second month of spring.
  • Jamad-Ul-Awwal– This fifth month of Islamic calendar is a very significant month as Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) was married to his first wife. Also the grandfather of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Abdul Mutallib who too great care of him also died in this month.

Islamic Calendar Months

  • Jamad-Ul-Sahni – This is the sixth month of Islamic Calendar. This month is considered as the month of blessings as, Fatima, the beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was born in this month.
  • Rajab – This sacred month of Islamic calendar is a very significant month. Rajab is a Arabic word which means to “respect”. It is in this month that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) went on the journey to Miraaj (Ascensions to heaven)  and brought back the gift of “Salah” or “Namaz” for all the muslim.
  • Shaban–  This is the Eighth month of Islamic calendar. The word Shaban means to spread in different ways because during this month Arabs use to go to different places and fight their enemies. The fifteenth night of this month is called Shab-e-Barat. This night is meant for attaining Allah’s salvation by remembering him, reciting Quran, making “Duas” and offering Namaz.
  • Ramazan– This month is considered as a very important month. During this month, Muslims around the world keep fast and keep away from all kinds of bad deeds. It is in this month that Quran was revealed on the last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
  • Shawwal– This the tenth month of Islamic Calendar. During this month Muslims are blessed with the gift of Eid-Ul-fitr after the month long fasting during Ramazan
  • Zikad– Eleventh month of Islamic Calendar. In this month Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) returned to Mecca to offer pilgrimage.
  • Zilhij- Last month of Islamic calendar. It is a very important month because during this month Hajj which is one of five pillars of Islam is performed.

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