Prayer Time in Chicago | Namaz Time [USA]

Prayer Timetable Chicago

Praying/Namaz/Salah is one of five pillars of Islams. It is mandatory for every Muslim to pray five times a day without any excuse. It is believed that the ones who pray five times a day will get immense rewards in life and hereafter and those who do not shall bear the consequences in life and hereafter. Praying five times a day makes the person more close to Allah and guide him to walk on the right path.

Prayer Timetable Chicago
Prayer Times Chicago Mosque Foundation

MCC Prayer Times Chicago

We also provide MCC prayer time at Chicago

Namaz Times Chicago

Here we are providing you the Namaz timings at Chicago

Salat Times Chicago

The name of five-time is Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. These prayers are observed at different times. Fajr namaz is offered at the time before sunrise, Zuhr namaz is offered at noon, Asar namaz is offered in the evening, Maghrib namaz is offered after sunset when there is little redness left in the sky and Isha namaz is offered at night after complete sunset. There are different benefits of all these five prayers. Fajr prayer makes a good start to your day and brings noor to your face. Zuhr prayer increase your wealth, Asar prayer gives you good health, Maghrib namaz keep you away from evil and Isha prayer heps to improve your mind. All these prayers are of immense benefits and it also pleases Allah when we pray all our obligatory prayers.

Salat Times Chicago Salat Times Chicago
Asr Prayer Time in Chicago

The Islamiccalendar2019info is the best platform to get the information about all five times prayers. It provides the accurate times that are checked twice.  If you want the Islamic prayer timings then we are providing this chart in the form of a picture. You can download this picture and hang it anywhere at the convenient place at your home from where you can check the timings easily and observe your prayers on time and more efficiently. This timetable also contains the prayer time of Jamia masjid Chicago

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