Prayer Time In Mumbai | Namaz Time {Salah Time}

Prayer, “Namaz” or “Salah” is one of five pillars of Islam.The other four pillars include “Roza”(keeping a day long fast during the month of Ramzan), “Hajj”(Holy pilgrimage to Mecca), “Zakat”(giving charity) and Shahadah (believing in the oneness of God). The Act of Namaz is considered as a mental, spiritual and physical act of worship that is performed five times a day.  Muslim face in the direction of “Kaba” while observing their prayer. Muslim while praying makes different postures and recites different verses throughout their Namaz.  Namaz timings may differ from place to place and from country to country

Mumbai Namaz Time Table PDF

Mumbai Namaz Time Table PDF

If you are looking for Namaz time table, you are at right place. We are providing you the accurate time table for namaz in the PDF below. So if you’re at home, work place or travelling you don’t need to worry about the namaz timings nor you have to rush to any website for checking, you just have to click once and confirm the timings. Now you can perform your Namaz at the correct time.  This Namaz Time table will help you to save your time.

Zawal Time In Mumbai

Prayer Time In Mumbai

Zawal time is the time when sun move away from its zenith point. This is the time when sun is in the middle of the sky. Approximately 20-30 minutes before the Zuhr prayer begin. The messenger of Allah forbid to pray any Namaz during Zawal time and it is the duty of every Muslim who sincerely believe in Allah and the last day to obey and follow the messenger of Allah in every act his life. The messenger forbade the believers to pray at zawal because at this time the hell fire fed with fuel.

 Azan Time In Mumbai

  • Fajr- Time to offer namaz  for Fajr starts offering Fajr namaz starts when sunlight starts spreading horizontally and ends when sun appears just above the sun. Azan time in Mumbai is 4:51 AM.
  • Zuhr- Time to offer Zuhr namaz begin after five minutes when sun start to decline after reaching its Zenith point. Azan Time for Zuhr is 12:45 PM
  • Asr- Asr namaz time begin when sun start  to set. Asr azan time in Mumbai is 4:06 PM.
  • Maghrib- Time for Maghrib begin after the sunset but the little redness is left in the sky. Azan for Maghrib starts at 7:19 PM.
  • Isha- Isha namaz time begin after the complete disappearance of sunlight. Isha azan time in Mumbai is 8:39 PM.

Depending upon the position of sun the The time to offer Namaz may differ from place to place and from country to country. Also the time to offer Namaz today may or may not be the same tomorrow.

Prayer Time In Mumbai

Fajr Namaz End Time In Mumbai is 6:11 AM. There may be 2-10 minutes or more time difference after few days. Isha Prayer Time In Mumbai is 8:39 PM. Maghrib Prayer Time In Mumbai is 7: 19 PM.

Fajr Namaz End Time In Mumbai

The given timings may not be same everyday, so you must check and confirm the timings in the PDF given above.

Prayer Time In Mumbai

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