Ramadan Calendar 2019 [ Eid-Ul Fitr]

Ramadan is the ninth and the most important month of Islamic Calendar. It is compulsory for all the Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan. Keeping “Roza”(fast) is one of five pillars of Islam. Fasting is not just refraining from eating and drinking but it also includes keeping away from immoral acts and anger. Along with fasting other act of worship such as reciting Quran, observing “Namaz” and giving charity are also encouraged during this month. It is during the month of Ramadan Holy Quran was sent to the earth.

Ramadan calendar 2019

Islamic Ramadan Calendar 2019

 Ramadan Calendar 2019

It is a tradition among Muslims to read whole Quran during the month of Ramadan. During this month people wake up early in the morning and eat their pre-dawn meal (Sehri) and break their fast in the evening with a meal referred as Iftar. A special meal is prepared for Iftar that is shared with neighbors and  relatives. Ramadan allows Muslims to concentrate on devotion to their faith, helping needy, seeking forgiveness and expressing gratitude. This month bring unity among people when they go together to offer Namaz and do Zikr (praising and thanking Allah). Fasting during this month teaches self discipline to deny the evils within us by keeping control on ourselves and also teaches us to be grateful for whatever we are blessed with.


Download Ramadan Time Table 2019

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If you are looking for Ramadan timetable, you are at right place. We are proving you the Ramadan Time Table for 2019, you can download it from below. This is a complete time table for Ramadan 2019. It will help you to do your Sehri and Iftar at the right time. Now you don’t have to rush to various to search for the correct timings you just have to click once and you will get all the details.

Ramadan Iftar Time 2019

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Iftar is the meal which occurs at sunset everday during Ramadan. It is the meal by which Muslims break their fast. Muslim break their fast with a date and a glass of water or some other type of drink and then go for “Maghrib” Namaz and then return to eat the proper meal. Time for iftar changes everyday depending upon the sunset. The chart below contains the timings for 2019 Ramadan Iftar.

Ramadan Sehri Time 2019

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Sehri is pre-dawn meal during the month of Ramadan. This meal is eaten before sunrise and fajr prayer. After sunrise it is not allowed to eat and drink anything for the whole day.  The chart below contains the timings for 2019 Ramadan Sehri.

Ramadan 2019 Prayer Time

 Although the prayers offered during Ramadan are same but prayer for Isha during Ramadan is a bit different and long. This prayer is given a special name “Taraweeh” and consist of twenty rakats.  It is believed that Allah blesses and rewards the one who offers Taraweeh every day during Ramadan.

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